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Hua Guang Livestock Breeding Heating system
Hua Guang Livestock Breeding Heating system
Hua Guang Livestock Breeding Heating system

I. Preface

Whether the milk, the young pig can develop healthily and grow, the survival rate of high and low, is the basis of the pig industry, directly affect the economic benefits of the pig industry, and milk, young pigs cold hardiness, in order to ensure the safe winter of milk and young pigs, to promote the healthy growth of young dairy, reduce the occurrence of diseases, improve survival rate, to solve the winter heating of milk and young pigs, is a big problem that the pig industry must solve.

For years, the lofty ideals of swine industry has been seeking a good effect, simple management, energy saving and easy to maintain the pig barn heating facilities, our company developed, production of automatic temperature-controlled energy-saving warm bed, one-time investment, low cost, easy installation, no maintenance, can be used to wash the pigsty clean; service life of up to 50 years, It is the ideal heating method for childbirth homes and nursery homes.

Second, automatic temperature control energy-saving warm-bed working principle:

Automatic temperature-controlled energy-saving bed is a 220V power connection embedded in the concrete heating cable, heating cable fever, heat transfer to the concrete and set storage, and then heat from the concrete through the form of heat radiation slowly and evenly release, so as to achieve the best heating effect under the warm.

Third, the milk, the young pig Barns Winter Basic Use Request:

A, childbirth: 3-5 days after the birth of suckling pig, the temperature remained at about 32 ℃, automatic temperature control and energy-saving warm bed can provide temperature for 15--38℃, temperature controlled by the thermostat.

B, Pau: surface temperature >15℃;

C, the pig should keep dry, easy to clean, disinfection, eliminate the disease hidden danger. Automatic temperature control and energy-saving heating bed can be directly washed and cleaned.

Four, automatic temperature control and energy-saving warm-bed system structure and installation:

A, the system structure: floor, heat insulation board, reflective aluminum foil, wire mesh, heating cable, nylon ties, thermal storage concrete, surface layer, geothermal probe, other auxiliary materials.

B, System installation: Only the "energy-saving warm bed" placed in the pig bed maternity homes, the lower part of the nursery, connected to the C, power supply and thermostat can be used. A thermostat can control 2-4 pig barns According to customer's actual requirements (each pigsty can be individually controlled)

V. Features and advantages:

A, simple structure, easy installation;

B, convenient manufacture and control of temperature, can fully guarantee the winter heating in pigsty;

C, the Pig Barn temperature uniformity, under the warm cool, dry clean, good comfort;

D, can be directly washed, disinfected, eliminate the hidden dangers of disease, to facilitate the summer water cooling;

E, according to the milk, young pig growth needs, scientific setting temperature, easy to milk, young pigs healthy development and growth;

F, life expectancy of up to 50 years, basically without maintenance, an investment, life-long benefit;

G, automatic temperature control, heat storage in the concrete, should not be lost, the actual opening time of the day short (6-10 hours) with small electricity consumption, low cost.

H, the thermal stability is good, does not have the hot and cold, meets the temporary power loss to guarantee the pigsty 4-6 hours basic heating temperature;

I, radiation heating, basically do not change the internal humidity, significantly improve blood circulation, the latest domestic and foreign research shows: electrothermal heating can produce 8-12um infrared, the room has bactericidal effect on milk, young pigs play a good health care role.

J, system operation without noise, no electromagnetic interference, to ensure that milk, young pigs have a good growth environment, improve growth rate;

K, improve the growth environment, can improve the survival rate of milk, young pigs, reduce morbidity and mortality, eliminate the previous use of infrared lamp baked death rate, greatly shortened the slaughter cycle, reduce the feeding costs, greatly improve economic efficiency;

L, the pig can be washed, simple management, management and maintenance costs very low.

Six, the size of the specification: (The system according to the current common pig House thermal Room size design, power for 200w/homes)

A, childbirth shed: 1000x560mm

B, Pau: 1300x5600mm

C, can be customized according to the size of customer products or on-site production.

Seven, the use of low cost: electricity by 0.50 yuan/kwh, heating time by 120 days, power-on power time by 10 hours/day

A, direct use cost: 0.50 yuan/kwhx0.2kwx10 hours x120 days =120/years

B, indirect use costs: management, maintenance and other basic costs

Another: The company's products can be widely used in residential, office and all kinds of aquaculture in the winter heating, as well as vegetables, flowers, nurseries, breeding, breeding, such as incubator greenhouse greenhouses construction.