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Hua Guang toilet (partial) heating system
Hua Guang toilet (partial) heating system
Hua Guang toilet (partial) heating system

Huaguang Bathroom heating system consists of heating cable network, precision electronic ground temperature controller. It takes the toilet ground as the heat dissipation surface, carries on the radiation heat transfer to the surrounding maintenance structure. When the system is turned on, your bathroom will be very warm, comfortable, and can quickly dry itself. Huaguang Bathroom Heating system has the following advantages:

1. Soft and comfortable Hua Guang bathroom heating system using a person's temperature characteristics

2. Clean and healthy bathroom heating system to bring your warm ground can destroy mites parasite survival environment, prevent mold production.

3. Energy saving a 5-square-meter bathroom in one day use electricity no more than 4 degrees electricity

4. Elegant appearance of the entire system after installation, only in the bathroom outside the wall, exposing the exquisite thermostat, do not occupy any area of the bathroom, the system looks beautiful, generous, environmental protection.

5. One investment lifelong benefit the service life of Huaguang bathroom heating system and the longevity of buildings, hardly need maintenance.