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Hua Guang eaves Gutter Snow system
Hua Guang eaves Gutter Snow system
Hua Guang eaves Gutter Snow system

Huaguang Heating cable melting snow ice system for a variety of roof construction, can prevent melting ice and snow stranded in the trenches, and the housing fa?ade and the roof is not damaged by snow and ice. It can be used in gutter, roof gutter melting snow ice and roof thaw.


Safety: Efficient and convenient drainage system can prevent roof

The gutter and the lower water pipe damage, guarantees the roof does not freeze the snow, the icicle.

Automatic: It can automatically detect the dissolution of the work area requirements, timely start-up and shutdown.

Economic reasonable: the installation and use of the system cost is very economical, to avoid accidents caused by damage and maintenance, to ensure the service life.

Environmental protection: The system is the use of the cleanest, effective electricity, by users.