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Electric belt Manufacturers--Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.

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Electric tape Manufacturers--Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd. is a domestic hot-temperature heating cable production and sales of leading enterprises. The company's main products-"Huaguang" brand temperature-controlled heating cable is widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, electricity, fire, medicine, geothermal heating, Solar water heater pipeline companionHeat and many other fields. In recent years, "Huaguang" brand temperature control with hot cable sales footprint not only more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country, but also successfully entered Japan, Northern Europe, Russia and other overseas markets, at home and abroad have a higher brand appeal, reputable.

As the key support of Anhui province High-tech private Enterprises, Heng Xin Cable company is located in Wuhu nine North China Road Electrical Department Industrial Park, covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, 2002 new standard plant more than 10000 square meters, with domestic first-class production and testing equipment. Heng Xin people adhere to scientific and technological innovation, manyYears with Beijing, Shanghai and many other well-known universities to establish technical cooperation relations, has been assessed as High-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, Anhui Province, private science and technology enterprises. 2005 was also included in Anhui Province annual fire moment plan Enterprise "new materials and Applications" project. With strong technical support, "Huaguang" Brand temperature controlCompared with similar products, the heating cable has the advantages of small starting current, good memory performance, low annual attenuation rate and long service life, which is welcomed by the market. So far, "Huaguang" brand temperature control with hot cable has been iso9001-2000 Quality Management system certification, China classification type certification, machinery Department of electrical equipment Explosion-proof card, inNational Petroleum Sales Corporation Energy Network membership card and other authoritative authority certification, and become China's first floor Heating Committee standing member units. 2005, "Huaguang" brand temperature control with hot cable obtained by the People's Republic of China Science and Technology department, Ministry of Commerce, Quality Supervision Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau Four Ministerial committee issued a joint "national keyNew Product "title (domestic industry only this one), and the Anhui provincial Administration for industry and commerce identified as" Anhui Shou contract re-credit units. "

Follow the way, spring and Qiushi. Hengxin Company has advanced management level and integrity first business philosophy, is the Wuhu Enterprise Federation Vice President Unit, and continuous access to the national quality and credibility of double protection model units, Wuhu Credit Guarantee Association unit, WuhuCity heavy contract and keep promise units, Wuhu large taxpayer and other honors.Since 2013, with smog spread to most large and medium-sized cities in China, local areas such as the northern Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the number of severe haze lasts longer and more, domestic air pollution has become increasingly prominent.

Coal in China's energy composition accounted for nearly 70%, coal-fired power plants as a major source of coal energy consumption, its emissions of sulfur dioxide, soot, nitrogen oxides, of course, become the biggest culprit of environmental pollution. From Chai Jing's public works "Under the Dome," Let us fear the haze, and effective governance is commonVoice. The governance of smog is not only the responsibility of enterprises, but also the common action of everyone in our society. So what can we do for China as an electric company with a tropical factory?

Green, Low-carbon, environmental protection as the main keynote, the state advocates and foster the development of new energy, from non-renewable resources to renewable resources recycling. As a kind of electric heat insulation product, electric heat tracing system is used in petrochemical enterprises mostly. In the past, petrochemical enterprises to heat preservation and use steamWith heat, the use of coal-burning way heat preservation, serious pollution of the environment. Nowadays, the electric heating system has gradually replaced the steam heating, electric heating with the use of electricity, environmental conservation, greatly reducing the use of industrial enterprises burning coal.

BackElectric tape Manufacturerswill continue to research and development of more economical, safe, environmentally friendly electric heating products, for the protection of the environment to make electric heating manufacturers should contribute.