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Which model is preferable to the electric companion tropics

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-16

Today, I would like to discuss with the vast number of electric partners in the tropicsElectric companion TropicalSelection of related issues, to see the vast number of electric partners with tropical customers in the selection of electric companion tropical Choice Three aspects, then let us understand these three aspects!

1, in the selection of electric companion tropical model, if it is required to allow the use of the temperature of the heating power with the tropics, should be considered first. Because the constant power of the tropics can not automatically temperature control will be too high phenomenon, the surface of the pipeline hot bad traces.

2, in the electricity with the tropical surface temperature and the temperature of the pipe material of the gap of 20%, in the selection is recommended not to choose a metal shielding network with the tropics, heat conduction relatively fast, you can choose to have a sheath.

3, in considering the use of what specifications of the electric companion tropical should consider whether the pipeline material to withstand the highest temperature of the tropical heating. This will prevent the pipeline from being scalded.


The Electric companion tropical control box combined with the pipeline heat control monitoring system can realize the real intelligent control with the current electric heat tracing system. Truly safe, energy-saving, reliable and so on unattended.

So how to install the Electric companion tropical control box, have the following points:

① according to the location of the distribution room;

② does not affect the installation of other electrical equipment;

③ installed walls are solid walls, ceramsite or hollow brick walls to install a stent;

④ high and low position principle to be easy to observe, easy to repair is good.

According to the above positioning principle and the piping arrangement of the electric heat tracing system, two-wire electric heating control alarm box is used. respectively placed in the distribution room or the office room distribution rooms, from the Distribution room distribution box to the control box for220V voltage. Each electric companion tropical control box is connected with a number of electric companion tropics and is heated by fire water supply pipe.

All right, little knitting.Electric companion TropicalThe content is over, we'll see you next time.