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What are the benefits of using an explosion-proof electric Tropics

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

Explosion-proof Electric TropicsElectrical equipment is used in coal, petroleum, chemical and other explosive environment, one of the main electrical equipment. With the development of the electrical industry, the industrial advanced countries to upgrade the explosion-proof products, after several upgrades, can basically adapt to coal,Petroleum, chemical industry and other major mining sector requirements. Hefei Ann, such as electric Heating Materials Co., Ltd. independent research and development, widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, fire, natural gas, medicine, food, construction and other industrial enterprises pipeline, storage tanks with thermal insulation, anticoagulation, antifreeze, floorHeating, gutter melting snow and other fields. The cable is suitable for general area, danger zone and corrosive area.

Product Advantages:

1, explosion-proof electric heating temperature uniformity, not overheating, safe and reliable

2, explosion-proof electric heating energy saving

3, intermittent operation, heating start fast

4. Low installation and operation cost

5. Easy installation and Maintenance

6, easy to automate management

7, no environmental pollution

8. Suitable for complex pipeline heating

9, apply to the instrument box antifreeze

10, suitable for away from the installation of pipeline heating

Self-limiting temperature electricity with the tropics with a conductive polymer material as a heating body, it power heating, can automatically adjust, control their own point of temperature and maintain a constant temperature. Compared with the parallel single-phase (three-phase) electric companion, the temperature of heating can be limited automatically by the self limiting temperature. and canWith the heating system of the temperature changes automatically adjust the output power, so it changed the use of traditional constant power heaters need to be heating system to adapt to the heater heating method, so that it changed the use of traditional constant power heating system, self-limiting temperature with the tropics allow multiple cross weightStack use, there will be no overheating point and burning phenomenon.

??????Explosion-proof Electric TropicsAlthough good, but still need to pay attention to the use of safety matters, after all, electrical products use time is limited.