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What are the benefits of choosing a constant power electric tropics?

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-16

???????Constant Power Electric TropicsUnit length of calorific value is constant, is a constant resistance electric plus tropical. The longer the electric belt is used, the greater the total power output. The application of the most widely used constant power electric partner hotline 20W per meter for example. Pipe length of 1000m, electricity per hour for1000x20/1000=20kw.h. When the pipe temperature reaches the upper limit of temperature, the output power is stabilized, thus the power consumption of the electric heating is kept unchanged. The electricity price is 0.60 yuan/KW.h meter, the running day is 100 days (2,400 hours), then the annual normal consumption charge is:(20x2400) x0.60=28800, the constant power of the tropics and the thermostat must be used in conjunction with the precise maintenance of the pipe or heating body of the media temperature.

Self-regulated heating heating is a kind of variable resistor electric plus tropical because of its own calorific value according to the temperature of the sensitive pipe wall (medium). For example, the most widely used automatic temperature control hotline is 15W per meter. Pipe length of 1000m, electricity per hour for1000x15/1000=15kw.h. When the pipe temperature reaches the upper limit of temperature, the calorific value of the electric heating will be reduced gradually, and the output power is decreased, so the power consumption of the electricity tropics is generally 60% of the rated power. Electricity price by 0.60 yuan/KW.h meter, running day is 100 days(2,400 hours), the normal power consumption costs are: (15x2400) x0.60x60%=12960 yuan, automatic temperature control of the tropics and the use of thermostat, not only can accurately maintain the medium temperature of the pipe or heating body, but also can reduce the operating costs.

Conclusion: In the use of automatic temperature and constant power electric heating pipe (equipment) antifreeze heat preservation of the same time investment, but the control of the temperature of the operation of the heating system is greatly reduced, the economic benefits are very significant. Can be foreseen in the industrial enterprise pipeline, storage tank with heat protectionThe application of temperature, anticoagulation and antifreeze is constantly innovated. It is relatively constant power of the advantages of the tropics: energy-saving, fast heating without overheating, arbitrary cut length, overlapping not overheating, automatic adjustment of power output, automatic operation, no temperature control automatically temperatureWait。

??????Constant Power Electric TropicsAlthough there are more defects in the temperature-controlled tropical products, the product itself can not be intelligent, but under certain conditions, through the auxiliary control in some high-temperature heat or heating occasions, especially the super length pipe with heat or heating, there is a considerable applicationPlease.