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Fire-fighting electric-tropical related knowledge What do you know

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-15

Fire-Retardant SpecialFire-fighting Electricity tropicsIt is a kind of professional used in the control of the Underground garage fire pipe and tunnel fire control pipeFrozen, high-rise building equipment layer and a variety of tank body antifreeze thermal insulation electric tropics.

1. Fire-fighting Special electric tropical provide you with the greatest safety and security PTC characteristics and unique structure to ensure that the output power of the cable to the ambient temperature changes to respond quickly, there is no local overheating fire worries.

2. Fire Special Electric tropical installation can be cut to any length according to the need to use, continuous long parallel conductor structure and uniform heating medium distribution, unit length of the cl-heater has a constant power loss, and can be based on the required length of the site cutting.

3. Fire-fighting Special electric tropical has automatic temperature control and easy to install, automatic temperature characteristics, so that the output power with the ambient temperature changes and automatic adjustment, no need to set another temperature control system.

4. Installation without maintenance, highly flexible structure allows you to use in any pipeline and connection parts, flame retardant moistureproof insulation structure design, so that you once installed almost no future maintenance.

5. Fire-fighting Special electric tropical has the advantages of long service life, small start-up current, good memory performance and low annual attenuation rate.

Cable structure

1, copper conductor 2, conductive plastic layer 3, Polyolefin insulating layer 4, tinned copper wire shielding layer 5, fluorine plastic sheath

Technical index:

1, Standard color: orange, brown

2, temperature range: The highest maintenance temperature 105℃| Maximum surface temperature 105℃±5℃| Maximum withstanding temperature 135 ℃

3, Construction temperature: Minimum:-30 ℃

4, thermal Stability: from 10 ℃ to 149 ℃ cycle back and forth between 300 times, the heat of the cable to maintain more than 90%

5, bending radius: 20 ℃ room temperature of 25. 4mm;-30℃ at low temperatures of 35. 0 mm

6, Insulation Resistance: Cable length 100m, ambient temperature 75 ℃, with 2,500vdc shaking table to try 1 minutes, insulation resistance (wire and shielding between) the minimum value of 3000mω

Working voltage: 12V 24V 36V 110V 220V 380V10 ℃ output power: 25w/m 35w/m 40w/m 45w/m 50w/m 60w/m

Product Advantages:

1, heating pipeline temperature uniformity, will not overheat, safe and reliable

2. Save Energy

3, intermittent operation, heating start fast

4. Low installation and operation cost

5. Easy installation and Maintenance

6, easy to automate management

7, no environmental pollution

8. Suitable for complex pipeline heating

9, apply to the instrument box antifreeze

10, suitable for away from the installation of pipeline heating

????? Fire-fighting Electricity tropicsDo you understand the knowledge?