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What are the advantages of using electric heating with the tropics

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-16

Why do we useElectric companion TropicalToday, a wide range of haze weather often occurs, even if there is no haze of time, far from the sky is gray. Such environmental problems have greatly affected people's daily life, and environmental pollution has become a major problem to be solved urgently. To protect the ring., energy-saving emission reduction has become a national policies. This is a serious constraint on improving industrial hydration level, implementing climate change measures, accomplishing energy saving and emission reduction tasks, and achieving sustainable economic and social development. In particular, some industries lag behind the major problem of capacity, still relatively strictHeavy. Among them, how to optimize energy consumption and reduce the waste of energy has become a key concern of enterprises. In industrial production and operation, our electric heat tracing system can effectively improve thermal efficiency and control temperature accurately to reduce unnecessary power consumption. Data show that comparedWith the traditional steam heating, we control the power consumption of warm-type electric heating with about one-sixth, which can reduce the operation cost and carbon emission of the enterprise more effectively.

In the 70 's, the world's first automatic temperature control with the tropics was developed to promote the heating industry innovation. At that time, the revolutionary automatic control of warm electricity with the tropics remained its uniqueness until today. This benefits from efficient thermal efficiency and energy conservation and environmental advantages, so that its beginningThe end of the industry to maintain the forefront of the field. We firmly believe that in the future antifreeze insulation measures, electric heating will, as always, for everyone to play a energy-saving, environmental protection, safety and thermal advantages.

Electric heat tracing is a technology that uses electricity as energy to replenish heat loss through heating elements to maintain a certain working temperature range. and steam heating is a steam as the conductive medium, the use of steam heating pipe with the hot body close to the heat transferWay, the heat of the steam is transferred to the heat-tracing body, which compensates for the loss of heat, and maintains its normal operating temperature with the traditional heating method.

In order to ensure the normal operation of piping, storage tank and instrument equipment in the winter cold environment, the phenomenon of icing, crystallization and freezing blockage is prevented. The traditional heat preservation measures of steam heating are adopted in the design of the frost-proof plugging and the temperature maintenance application of the process pipeline. As you runThe longer the time, it will be found that the steam heating can be gradually increased, coupled with the temperature is uneven, the continuity of heat is not enough problems exposed. And easy to appear perforation tire, leakage and other phenomena, maintenance and replacement costs increase, and so on a lot of problems. So, over the yearsThe application of electric heat tracing technology is gradually tried, and the old traditional heat tracing method is reformed by the way of technical renovation. After a long period of operation analysis, it is found that the operation of electric heating is almost no pollution to the environment. The continuous heat-tracing effect is remarkable, and the heating temperature is even,Does not appear hot and cold uneven phenomenon. Reduce the daily maintenance of the workload greatly reduced, the operation has become more simple, as long as the number of button buttons, you can achieve precise control.

In general, the cost of electric heating is much lower than that of steam heating, both in the Prophase and later in the investment. With the increasing sophistication of electric heating technology and the popularization of the market, the cost will be reduced. This reduces the cost of production inputs to the user. andThe effect is also greater than steam heating, stability is better.

1. Compared with the earlier construction cost of electric heating, the cost of operation and maintenance is lower and the economic benefit is remarkable.

2, the thermal efficiency of electric heating is higher, the effect is more obvious, more energy-saving than steam heating, and sustainable, uninterrupted heat supply.

3, does not occupy the space, installs the operation to be simple, regardless of is not responsible or the complex place, can be very good uses, for the complex construction environment Unit preferred;

Therefore, the use of electric heating with no matter from economic benefits, operating effects, or energy saving and environmental protection, than the traditional steam heating more advantages.

Anyway,Electric companion TropicalEnterprises should actively look for their own development path. This is the natural law of survival of the fittest, social issues in the market economy.