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Electric Companion Hot Factory--Wuhu Cable Co., Ltd.

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??????Electric Heat Tracing Factory--Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd. the system is a suitable electrical heat tracing materials and insulation materials through the design, supporting the relevant electrical requirements, after installation and commissioning of the overall electrical heating system.

Main control parameters:

The main control parameters of electric heat tracing are power, maximum maintenance temperature, maximum withstanding temperature, maximum surface temperature, electrothermal conversion coefficient, resistivity temperature coefficient, thermal stability property and so on.

What are the types of electric heating?

According to the different electric tropics are divided into: Variable Power electric Tropics (automatic temperature limit) and constant power of the tropics (to have temperature control).

How to choose Electric Companion tropical product?

1, the choice of tropical products, should take into account a variety of factors, such as practicality, economy, power supply conditions. According to the pipe maintenance temperature and contingency of the highest operating temperature, select the temperature of the electric tropics and temperature grade.

2, according to the pipe unit length of heat dissipation or equipment per unit area of heat loss, to determine the required power and length of the tropical unit.

3, according to the different use of the environment to determine the need for the structure of tropical products, general occasions under the selection of shielding, corrosive substances in the occasion of selection of enhanced type.

What do I need to do before construction?

1. General provisions

(1) The installation of electric heating project, before construction should have the following conditions: design drawings, equipment, piping installation, welding, pressure test and anti-corrosion process to complete handover procedures, construction equipment, construction strength, to ensure normal construction, construction site, construction materials, electricity, materials storage site TemporaryFacilities to meet the construction needs.

(2) before the construction of electric heating, should understand the structure of the building, familiar with the design drawings. Construction plan and other public coordination measures. Installation personnel should be familiar with the general performance of the Electric Tropics, master the basic operating points and procedures, strictly prohibited construction.

(3) The ambient temperature of the electric-tropical construction should not be lower than 5 ℃.

(4) Before the installation of electric heating, the appearance and size of the electric tropics should be carefully checked and verified.

2, the installation of electric heating with the tropics should not be hard folding or long haul on the ground. Touch the sharp edges to the first cushion of aluminum foil tape or sharpen its sharp polished smooth, to prevent the electric tropical outer layer of insulation pierced.

3. The minimum bending radius of the electric tropics shall be no less than the specified value in the manufacturer's sample.

4, the electric tropical should be close to the equipment, pipe surface, to Liges conduction. When installed, first remove the oil, water or other dirt passing through the electric tropics. It is best to scrub with gasoline or other organic solvents. At a certain distance (see manufacturer's sample) apply aluminum foil tape to the Electric tropicsRadial fixed, and then the full length of the electric belt covered by aluminum foil tape to ensure the safety of the electric tropics, while ensuring that the surface of the pipeline with the electric tropics to maintain close integration.

5, the installation of electric heating accessories, the electric tropics should leave a certain margin. In the line of the first power supply point and the end of each reserved 1m long, two-and three-section accessories at each end reserve 0.5m allowance, so that the next overhaul re-use.

6. Self-limiting temperature heating can be arbitrarily cut, allowing overlapping.

7, the electric power distribution system should have overload, short-circuit and leakage protection.

8. Install a hot spot and measure the insulation once. The shielding layer must be grounded and the insulating value should not be lower than 50mω/1000v. Insulation construction should be installed in the electric heating, and after the acceptance of the first party can be carried out.

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