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What is the industrial performance of electric companion Tropics

Edit:Wuhu Heng Xin Cable Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-16

?????? Electric companion TropicalIn the refining field of industrial silicon (also known as "metal Silicon"), the resulting flue gas is used to generate electricity. And the use of electric heating on the generator set is similar to that of other power plants, which are used as heat compensation or antifreeze insulation. So in the design of the electric heat tracing scheme,Model selection, construction operations can be in accordance with the Electrical Tracing Technology manual implementation.

Industrial silicon refining to the energy consumption is relatively large, in order to actively respond to the national call, and strive to build a conservation-minded society, to protect our living environment. In the refining production actively to explore energy-saving potential, the use of electric furnace flue gas heat generation. Not only for the enterprise energy-saving, but also to achieve rational use of resources to strengthen environmental protection purposes.The production of industrial silicon is generally used in semi-closed refining furnace, the use of heat generated by the furnace flue gas to generate electricity. In the process of generating units, heat dissipation will occur too quickly, resulting in the waste heat can not be fully exploited. In this case, we can use the electric heating to compensate for its heat, keep runningThe heat in the process is not dissipated. Usually the generator sets need to do electric heating with the boiler feedwater, backwater and steam pipe, so that they in the production to avoid freezing, scattered temperature and so on. Due to the set of units and the distance between pipelines, the use of single circuit length is generally more than 150 meters. Therefore, it is recommended to use constantPower-Electric Tropics.

Some suggestions in the process of using:

1, the steam pipe itself high heat, it requires electricity with the tropics itself with high temperature resistance performance;

2, the main power supply using 35MM2 cable, branch using 4MM2 cable, specifically according to the design requirements;

3, the cable can be installed through the installation of pipe, to avoid exposure to high temperature, corrosion and other harsh environment;

4, posted or hanging electric tracing warning labels to prevent the operation or electric shock, etc.

The output power of constant power with the tropics is more stable, and will not be changed because of the influence of external environment and other factors. It does not have its own temperature control of the PTC performance, need to pass the thermostat or control system, to complete the temperature setting, on or off. However, the use length of constant power is greater than the temperature of self limitTropical type. Therefore, it is more suitable for the use of industrial silicon waste heat power generation sites.

Industrial silicon industry MI stainless steel armored with tropical heating system, industrial silicon in the refining process in a semi-closed refining furnace, using the waste heat emitted during production to generate electricity. In the actual operation of the generator unit, because of the time, heat dissipation is relatively fast, so that the waste heat can not be fully utilized, resulting in wavesFee. In this case, the electric heating insulation system can be used for heat compensation, and the installation of electric Companion tropics is used in the related equipment of the generator set.

In the use of electricity with the tropics will take into account the steam, due to the high temperature of the steam, it is necessary to find a high temperature-resistant electric partner tropical products. Ordinary self-limiting and constant power electric partner temperature is not up to the requirements, so my company recommends the use of high temperature resistant stainless steel armoredElectric companion Tropical。 While using MI StainlessBecause of its high heating temperature, high heat temperature and stable power, the steel armored electric companion is usually not affected by the external environment and other factors. Not only suitable for ordinary areas of pipe insulation, but also suitable for explosive areas and corrosion-resistant pipeline insulation.

Due to thermal insulation installation MI stainless steel armored electric partner with the tropics without its own temperature control performance, it is necessary to use explosion-proof temperature controller to control temperature. and installation can not be arbitrarily cut, to be installed in accordance with the standard, MI stainless steel armored electric heating with tropical temperature up to 500 degrees, so the use of industrial siliconThe place where the waste heat is generated is more suitable. The use of MI stainless steel armored Electric companion tropical with high temperature, waterproof, explosion-proof, not aging, safe and reliable characteristics.

Other users in the use of MI stainless steel armoredElectric companion TropicalProducts can be customized according to demand, according to the specific circumstances of the site, design good power, length,Single core or double core.

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